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Movie Review ‘Hassi Toh Phasi’

Movie Review ‘Hassi Toh Phasi’

Movie Review ‘Hassi Toh Phasi’

Dharma Productions and Phantom Films Productions ‘ hassi Toh Phasi ‘ is a love story . Nikhil ( Siddharth Malhotra ) is a funny guy who is a son of principled police officer SB Bhardwaj ( Sharat Saxena ). He loved Karishma and decide to get married. Karisma is a daughter of rich industrialist ( Manoj Joshi). Nikhil want to start his own business and hope that his father-in- law will help him to established the business.

 At the wedding ceremony of Nikhil and Karismam,  Karisma’s sister ‘Mita ‘( Pariniti Chopra ) is suddenly came .Mita , many years ago runs away from home after stealing the jewelry to meet the costs of further education. Karisma orders Nikhil to take care of the Mita so that her family could not know that Mita has come.Nikhil finds that Mita has been a victim of drug addiction and he vows to get out her from it . Meanwhile, Nikhil and Mita come close to each other .What happens next ? Nikhil is married to whom – karisma or Mita ? Will Mita ‘s family accept her ? This is the story of film.

 What about Story

Harsha Kulkarni’s story and screenplay are very interesting . The best thing is that the audience would not have any idea what ‘s going to happen next .The first part of the film is boring, the audience can not understand why is this happening . But after the interval, the audience can understand the story, as they begin to attach the film .

 As Nikhil starting to understand Mita and As the layers of Mita’s character opening , Audience starting to like the film. Thereby the Bindaspan  of Chopra’s role and her archness  , people will love it . Many places audience will become emotional. Nikhil ‘s character is also very interesting .To a particular audience will like the humor of the film .


Siddharth Malhotra in his second film have looked very mature. He looked very handsome in film.Parinit Chopra has given a award winning performance . she has brought life into every scene .

Ada Sharma ,plays the role of Karisma ,have also performed well . Sharat Saxena are very strong in the role of a disciplined police officer . Manoj Joshi in the role of Pariniti’s father looks fine in  both emotional and comic scenes. In one scene when he begins to cry in front of his brother , he has great acting . The rest of the cast is also good cooperation .


 Film is well directed by Vinil Matthew. In his debut film, he chose a difficult story, but well executed .

 Vishal – Shekhar ‘s music is good but the film has not a blockbuster song .

 Overall ‘ Hassi Toh Phasi ” is an entertaining film but only to a certain audience .

 We will give the film *** star.


  1. Chaudhary Prashant

    I think this is good movie to see

  2. Nice review, I think after the review we should go to see the movie…………

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